Stein Services Company - Flow Control Specialists

Stein Services Company specializes in industrial flow instrumentation and consulting. With over 20 years of experience in all facets of industrial control, we are uniquely qualified to solve your flow and control problems. Our computerized calibration lab is capable of certifying meters at flows up to 90 GPM, with state certified check weights at an accuracy of 0.001 lbs and a scale resolution of 0.02 lbs. We offer onsite consulting services to troubleshoot existing installations and recommend parameters for new installations, including pressure drop calculations on long pipe runs.

Flow is one of the most difficult process parameters to measure accurately. Many companies have bought top of the line flowmeters for an application, only to find that either fluid incompatibilities, piping configurations, velocities, or a hoard of other possibilities affect their measurements. There are simple flow processes and difficult processes, but the difference may be hard to determine. At Stein Services, we will work to ensure that your flow measurement solution is the proper one, from selection to installation


We Offer:
• Rate Indication
• Totalization
• Recording
• Batching
• Blending
• Printed Records
• Remote Displays

Old Meter


• Bacnet, MS/TP or IP
• Modbus 485 or IP
• RS232
• Multi-Hop Radio
• Data Acquisition
• HMI Design
• PLC Integration

Basic types of flowmeters have been evident since the Roman Era's flumes and weirs. Since then, flowmeters have evolved into modern electronics. This was at one time a state of the art instrument used at Bibb Manufacturing and Textile Mill in Porterdale, Georgia.
Photo Credit: Michael Griffey